Heartworm FAQ Sheet

Heartworms are a variety of roundworm with the clinical name dirofilaria immitis. They are spread by mosquitoes. Dogs can only get heartworm disease through infected mosquitoes. They can’t get it from other dogs or other types of animals, from dog feces, or from their mothers while in the womb or through nursing. The mosquito  bites […]

Dogs Die in Hot Cars!

When the thermometer soars, a parked car can quickly become a furnace, endangering an animal’s life, and making the owner liable to criminal charges. When is it too hot? When a heat advisory is issued, it applies to animals as well. Even on a relatively mild day, temperatures in parked cars can become dangerous in […]

Does Your Dog Jump?

Let’s face it, dogs get so excited to see their humans sometimes they cannot contain their excitement and jump all over you (Or your guests)! Follow these simple tips and tricks to train your dog not to jump! It is essential that we train our dogs the right way and always reward positive behaviour ????????